In a CO2 enriched atmosphere, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables can be stored up to 6 times longer. By calming their cells, they better retain water, nutrients, vitamins and taste.
MOF (Metal Organic Framework) compound filters can hold large amounts of carbon dioxide and release it again by being subjected to UV light, enabling a CO2 cycle.

Enriched with CO2, the MOF filter is at the core of an atmosphere control module.

The module sits above the storage chamber for ease of access and service.
The system generates a climate within the storage unit, appropriate for the seasonal produce. 
Inside the drawer, the fruits and vegetables lie on a soft-touch basket, which prevents bruising and enables ventilation. The Seal on the backside makes sure that the system is air tight.
A significant part of the design was the choice of material. With its thermal properties, „Rammed Earth“ secures a stable climate inside the storage space. In addition, it can be recycled and repurposed. The earth layers are a strong visual symbol, reminding of the natural origin of the drawers contents.
With a slight rotation of a valve on the front side, the CO2 inside the drawer is recaptured. The valve snaps back after the capturing process is completed and the drawer can be opened.